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Image Part Telehandler model Price Part number(s) Used or new
Used Hoist Cylinder for Skytrak 8042 (2716617) SkyTrak $1950.00 1684448 (2716617) Used
Used Front Drive Shaft–Short Fits JLG G1055A and G1255A G1055A, G1255A, JLG, Lull $220 7139914 Used
Used Front Differential & Case Assembly Lull $2500 67981X Used
Used Front Axle Assembly, Planetary to Planetary CAT, TL1055C, TL1255C $9900.00 423-1440 Used
Used Driveshaft Fits Skytrak 8042/10042/10054 SkyTrak, 8042, 10042, 10054 $300 7138805 Used
Used Driveshaft Fits Lull 1044C54 Series II 1044C54 Series II, Lull $240 4040282 Used
Used Drive Shaft, Front Fits Lull 644TT SN: P506N Lull $500 P24721 Used
Used Drive Shaft, Front Fits Lull 644B and 6K 644B, 6K, Lull $500 35351B Used
Used Drive Plate for Lull Lull $100.00 P17847 Used
Used Drive Plate for Lull Lull $100.00 P20968 Used
Used Drive Flange & Planetary Assembly Lull $150 P19332 Used
Used Drive Flange & Planet. Gear Comp. Lull $150 P19332 Used
Used Directional Circuit Selector Valve Fits Lull 644B SN: 102 644B, Lull $80 35406A Used
Used Cylinder, Steer (seal kit P25170) Fits Lull 844TT SN: 768- $375 10721827 Used
Used Cylinder, Stabiltrak for Skytrak 8042 SkyTrak, 8042 $1500 2717198 Used
Used Cylinder, Frame Sway SkyTrak $700 2716563 Used
Used Cylinder Frame Sway SkyTrak $700 2716563 Used
Used Cummins Engine for Lull 844C42 B3.9 (Needs Rebuilt) 844C42, Lull $900 B3.9 Used
Used Control Valve, 5 Spool Fits Lull 844TT-42 SN: JD01362LN Lull $2500 P25260 Used
Used Control Valve, 2 Spool Fits Lull 622 SN: JD5258TN Lull $700 P18196 Used
Used Chain Sheave Lull $150.00 65833B Used
Used CAT 4.4L 142HP Engine for TL1055C and TL1255C CAT, TL1055C, TL1255C $7500.00 363-9717 Used
Used Boom Control Valve for Parts, 2 Spool Fits Lull 644B42 644B, Lull $1000 P28492 Used
Used 6-Spool Valve Fits Lull 844C42 SN: 481 844C42, Lull $1000 36548B Used
Used 4WG100 ZF Transmission Fits: Lull 644B42 SN: 1262-, 844C42 SN: 101-, 6K42 SN: 227-, 8K42 SN: 101- 644B, 6K42, 844C42, 8K42, Lull $4950.00 38370A Used
Used 3-Spool Valve Fits Lull 622 SN: JD5258TN Lull, 622 $100 P24320 Used
Used 2-Section Control Valve Fits Skytrak 6036 SN: 1600 SkyTrak, 6036 $500 8902125 Used
Unloader Valve 1001103151 SkyTrak $250 8902200 Used
Universal Drive Axle Lull $900 7028979 Used
Universal Axle Shaft CAT, TL1055C, TL1255C $700.00 477-1735 Used
U-Joint Lull $50 P26175 Used
Two Spool Boom Control Valve $500 P28481 Used
Two Piece Wheel Rim Gradall $300 9104-3276 Used
Turbocharger Lull $1200 7029212 Used
Turbo Charger for Cummins 4BT3.9 (3800709RX) $2068.75 HX30W New
Truss Boom, 12′ SkyTrak $950 7113024 Used
Trunions with Bearings Lull $100 P25151 Used
Trunion Support Bracket G1055A, G1255A, JLG $650.00 91514102 Used
Trunion Rear Cover $250 P32969 Used
Trunion Pin Lull $125 19104C Used
Trunion Cover Rear Axle Lull $250 P32969 Used
Trunion Cover Front Axle Lull $250 none Used
Trunion Cover Lull $400 10837026 Used
Trunion Cap Lull $100 67936X Used
Trunion Brackets JLG $330 91515022 Used
Trunion Brackets Lull $600 P31521 Used
Trunion Bracket with Bushing Lull $600 10731521 Used
Trunion Bracket MST 3060 Lull $500 8035933 Used
Trunion Bracket SkyTrak $500 8035933 Used
Traverse Carriage Lull $5500 10338244 Used

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