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Image Part Telehandler model Price Part number(s) Used or new
Used Steer Knuckle Housing Lull $75.00 P13830 Used
Used Ring Gear (8032910) Fits Lull Telehandlers 1044C, 1044C42, 10K42, 6K, 6K37, 6K42, 844C, 8K42, Lull $800 P26813 Used
Used Rear Axle for JLG G10-55A 2009 SN: 0160038049 G1055A, JLG $9500 91565021 Used
Used Planetry Ring Gear Fits Lull Telehandlers Lull $800 P26813 Used
Used Planetary Lull $150 P13899 Used
Used Drive Flange & Planetary Assembly Lull $150 P19332 Used
Used Drive Flange & Planet. Gear Comp. Lull $150 P19332 Used
Transmission Controller 4 speed 1044C, 1044C54, 644B, 844C, 844C42, Lull $1900 P31565 Used
Transmission Controller 1044C54, 644B, 644B37, 6K37, 844C42, Lull $1900 37494X Used
Transmission Control Module 1044C, 1044C54, 644B, 644B37, 844C, 844C42, Lull $1900 P31564/10837494 Used
Transmission Control Box 4-Speed Controller 1044C, 1044C42, 1044C54, 10K42, 644B37, 6K37, 6K42, 844C, 844C42, 8K42, Lull $1900.00 37495X Used
Side Tilt Carriage 48″ with Cylinder Lull $2000 7117214 Used
Rebuilt Side Tilt Carriage Assembly, 48″ 944E, Lull, SkyTrak $2000 7117214 Used
Rebuilt 60″ Tilt Carriage 944E, Lull, SkyTrak $3200 1001101956 Used
Joystick Handle Assembly Fits Lull Telehandlers 1044C42, 1044C54, 10K42, 10K54, 644B, 644B37, 6K37, 6K42, 844C42, Lull $478.48 10732693 New
Cummins 3.9 Engine for Gradall Gradall $3450 91145126 Used
Axial Joint ZF Fits Lull and Skytrak Telehandlers Lull, SkyTrak $460.10 70022172 New
Accumulator Rebuilt Lull $900 P31556 Used
8033831 Wheel End-Used SkyTrak $3200 8033831 Used

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