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Image Part Telehandler model Price Part number(s) Used or new
ZF Transmission 4WG98 Lull $6950 1001095741 Used
ZF Transmission 4WG100 SkyTrak $4950 8841040 Used
ZF Transmission Lull $4950 66029A Used
ZF Trans 4WG100 SkyTrak $4950 8841040 Used
Used ZF Transmission Fits Lull 1044C54 844C, Lull $5950 4540013 Used
Used ZF Transmission Fits JLG G10-55A G1055A, JLG $4950 91563008 Used
Used ZF Transmission 4WG98-TC 4-Speed Powershift SkyTrak $5500 8841036 Used
Used ZF Transmission 4 speed Fits Lull Lull $4950 4WG100 Used
Used ZF Transmission 3WG100 Fits Lull 644TT See P31437 644TT, Lull $4500.00 38369A Used
Used ZF 3 Speed Transmission 3WG100 Fits Lull 644TT SN: 3132 644TT, Lull $4500 P31437 Used
Used Funk Transmission 644TT, Lull $2000 P24605 Used
Used Clark Transmission Fits Lull Lull $3500 8841023 Used
Used Clark Transmission Lull $3000 P19900 Used
Used 4WG100 ZF Transmission Fits: Lull 644B42 SN: 1262-, 844C42 SN: 101-, 6K42 SN: 227-, 8K42 SN: 101- 644B, 6K42, 844C42, 8K42, Lull $4950.00 38370A Used
Transmission, Clark Lull $3000 P22804 Used
Transmission, 4WG100 ZF Lull $4950 10166029 Used
Transmission T12000 Lull $3500 1100224 Used
Transmission Assembly SN 9908 & Before SkyTrak $3000 8841025 Used
Funk Transmission 9673 Lull $3500 P24604 Used
Funk Transmission Lull $3500 P22645 Used
Dana Transmission JLG $5700 91513141 Used

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