Attachments & Forks

WEB EQUIPMENT proudly carries a wide array of both after-market and original equipment manufacturer attachments for all makes and models of forklifts. Maximize the return on your forklift investment by transforming your machine into a multi-tasking powerhouse.

Save thousands of dollars on other equipment purchases by adding a materials bucket or a work platform. Get added efficiency from your work crews by supplementing them with a heavy-duty jib or truss boom.

To find out more about the accessories we carry, or to get a price quote, give us a call at 800-225-3858. Please be sure to have the make, model, and serial number of your forklift handy!  

Any long material that has a tendency to bend can be handled easily and more safely with a spreader bar.
Ideal for back filling, lifting gravel to roofs and handling bulk material. 
Rugged heavy duty construction, hardened beveled cutting blade on sides and leading edge provide strength, rigidity, and wear resistance.
Set trusses and wall sections for wood and steel building construction. High-strength pintle hook with locking feature for positive load retention.
Heavy duty steel mesh floor for years of dependability, without rotting or warping. Collapsible for easy transportation. Industrial hinges and latches for strength and safety. Meets or exceeds OSHA standards. Standard sizes and custom sizes available.
There are many fork options for each brand and model.  There are three major types of forks: the pallet fork, the cubing fork and the lumber fork.
The crane hook adds versatility to any standard carriage.  The hook simply slips onto the carriage forks allowing the operator to lift awkward objects or lower material down to a location without changing attachments.
An auger is perfect for digging holes for poles, posts, footings in construction or landscape applications. For all SkyTrak models with auxiliary hydraulics. All augers are 50” long and are available in many diameters.
A concrete bucket attachment can increase job site efficiency by reducing the amount of time and personnel that is required to get concrete materials to elevated sites. 
The standard carriage is common on most job sites.  The operator can pick and place an assortment of materials without having to switch out for a different attachment.
The swing carriage provides the operator with two additional directions to move the load.  This feature can be most efficient while working in restrictive or congested areas. 
Allows for minor lateral positioning of the load during final placement. For all SkyTrak models with auxiliary hydraulics. Tilts ±10°. Lube-free pivot points for low maintenance. 
Allows handling of large, flat-sheet material to be picked up and raised to the point of use in an upright position. Easier unloading and less damage to material. Maximum operating capacity: 3,000 lbs. (1360 kg).
A mast provides extra vertical reach to the operator.  The additional height allows the load to be moved without the need to further telescope the boom.  To provide further options, JLG offers the mast on either a 48 in., 50 in., 66 in., or 72 in. carriage.  Only available with 8,000 lb pallet forks or 3 pair cubing forks.

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